Luka Ivankovic

My name is Luka Ivankovic. I was born in 1997 and I am student at FERIT (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology) in Osijek, Croatia. I graduated from Prirodoslovno-matematicka gimnazija (a high school with focus on natural sciences and mathematics) in Nasice, Croatia in 2016.

I have been interested in computers from my very early childhood. I got my first computer when I was 6, but watched my brother use one even earlier. My first touch with programming was in 5th grade with qBasic, but I found smallBasic much better. I used visual "languages" like Scratch even earlier.

Since then I made a lot of things, not only programs, but 3D models, animations, books and much more. Some on my own and some with help of my friends. Here is some of my work:

PC games:

Games were always my passion. I have been playing SNES and Playstation before I could read. Being a game developer was a long-time dream of my.

I made my own simple game engine. LEngine (Lukin Engine (Luka's Engine)) uses OpenGL and it's written in C#, mostly using VisualStudio.

Latest LEngine demo video:

My last game, Grass Is No More, got released on Desura and a few other online stores. It uses LEngine and was originally done in only 72 hours (for a competition). There is an online database that keeps track of your scores, combos and much more. You can find out more about it here.

You can look at more LEngine screenshots in my Gallery

Since Desura filed for bankruptcy, Grass Is No More is now free and you can download it from the Internet.

There are a few other games that use LEngine. Most of them were never released and were used for engine developing and fun. Here are some screenshots for Grass Is No More and other games:


4 Times 4 is a simple Android game made during an boring weekend. It was made using Eclipse and Libgdx. You can get it on Google Play.

Goal of the game is to get from point A to B, avoiding wall obstacles and getting through the maze. Maze gets revealed for a brief time before you start playing.

3D and design:

I made all of the 3D models and textures for my games. Mostly I use 3DS Max and Photoshop. These are some of my models and renders:

I also made a lot of posters and invitations for my school and different charity events and a few simple websites.

Books and magazines:

Using Adobe InDesign, I made school's memorial book on 240 pages and school's anual magazine on 60 pages in 300 and 200 copies.

QR garden:

There is a small plate with QR code under plants in my school's garden. Scanning the code will show you details about garden and the specific plant. School won an award for the most innovative high school garden in Croatia.

Contact me:

Feel free to contact me on lukaivankovic4(*at*)

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